Meg Campbell Golf


Meg Campbell Golf is a lifestyle brand dedicated to upping the modern woman’s game both on and off the course.
For so long, women's golf clothes have been a feminized version of what's available for men; and not a reflection of what is in fashion. So we've created a line that performs both on the green as well as in the club. We like to refer to it as Country Club Chic. At Meg Campbell Golf we see no reason to sacrifice style for performance. Which is why all of our garments are made with wicking enhanced fabric. Let our clothes keep you cool and dry while you play and keep you looking sophisticated and stylish for whatever your plans are for any given day.
           Owner/Designer Meghan Campbell

           Owner/Designer Meghan Campbell

Our Story

Sometimes the universe speaks to you, and sometimes it yells. When Meghan Campbell was in college, she was assigned golf wear for her portfolio development class. She was disappointed as she had envisioned artful couture gracing the pages of her portfolio, ready to be shown to potential employers upon graduation. Golf wasn't on her radar! But then she started to think out of the box. What if golf clothes for women was more then pared down men's clothes? What if they were beautiful and the kind of clothes women could easily wear off the course as well? Clothes women would want to wear to their country clubs; on the course or at lunch or brunch; or to work, or even to run errands. What emerged was a sophisticated golf wear line that she was proud to show to her professor, who wasn't quite sure she understood it for golf but she loved it for its look anyway. Meghan got an A!

After college Meghan headed to NYC; no job but 2 close friends and a tiny apartment were waiting! She knew she wanted her own line one day, but she also knew she needed to learn the business of fashion. It took a few weeks but she finally got work doing freelance. She started in production, which wasn't her dream. But it taught her how to get actual products made, and made well. She learned fit and quality and how to source from around the world. She was then offered a job full time. Her boss told her she'd never make it in design. That she should give up that dream as she wouldn't like it anyway. That she should take the job she was being offered and be grateful. But she politely declined their offer and started looking for her next job. And then the universe called out again and she landed her first real design job, as an assistant, designing non other then golf clothes for IZOD. 


We are proudly made in NYC!

There she learned what was needed to make great clothes for golfers. The technical fabrics that wicked moisture to keep the body dry; or protection that could be added to protect the body from UV rays. She also learned the sort of clothes expected on the course; dress codes and all that.

From there Meghan's career within the fashion industry advanced into higher design positions with different companies. And she kept finding herself working on golf clothes for different labels. At this point the universe was hoarse from the constant yelling!

And then her father, an avid golfer, mentioned how every time he was in a pro shop he heard a woman complain about the clothes. That they weren't stylish enough or didn't fit quite right. And finally Meghan stopped playing hard to get and answered the universe's call

And so Meg Campbell Golf was born! The idea was to produce a capsule line that was country club chic. A line that you can mix and match and make dozens of outfits from with a few key pieces. Yes play golf in it, or even tennis (don't worry, we won't tell) and then go have lunch or brunch. Our clothes are playful and stylish with a preppy and sophisticated look while still being technically advanced with fabric that keeps you cool and dry. We hope you love playing and living in Meg Campbell Golf as much as we do. And Meghan is looking forward to seeing what the universe has planned next.

The Story on the Logo

The Meg Campbell Golf logo is a nod to our heritage. The idea for the logo came as Meghan was doing an ancestral search on a branch of her family tree.    The shield takes elements from the background of the Scottish family crest of the Campbell's. After sketching (and doodling) some different looks, and idea was born .  If you look closely you'll see that the gold stitching lines are actually golf clubs; they are in fact a golf club making a full swing.  And that's the story on the logo.